art•see is an augmented reality application for the iPad that layers information about artworks over top of the artworks themselves. Its interactivity enables visitors to discover works of art in their own way, choosing what they want to learn about and becoming more engaged in the process. The name reflects the app's visual nature and the idea that it helps visitors really "see" works of art at deeper levels.


To use, the visitor holds an iPad up to the artwork she's interested in. The work appears on the screen as it would in camera mode, and the app scans the piece and recognizes it with technology similar to Google Goggles. It then displays images or video stills around the work that represent relevant information regarding the work. These visuals serve as hooks to draw the visitor into the artwork, as well as the app itself, and encourage her to continue on in the learning process.


Tapping on one of the images surrounding the artwork brings the visitor to a full-screen view of the image or video along with details on how it relates to the artwork. The visitor can save or share the image and information. All saved and shared images and videos appear in gallery view where the visitor can reference the information whenever she'd like.


art•see can also identify artworks in non-museum settings—for instance, on postcards received in the mail or subway platform posters. Users hold an iPad up to the artwork and press the question mark button to get information.


branding / interactive